American Hospital Management: 


2 Months


  • Feasibility Study and Business Plan Development
  • Analyze and Develop the Financial Projections
  • Analysis of the site and architectural design
  • Preliminary staffing plan Ø Market analysis


  1. Market analysis – AHMC will assess the sustainability of the project based on local population and expected business opportunities. 
  2. Assess and recommend the ideal scope of medical services to be provided including but not limited to: hospital service lines, research component and the educational component.
  3. Analyze and develop the financial projections – including opening financial statements of operation, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.
  4. Assess and recommend investments in building, equipment, Health Information Technology (HIT) and working capital needs – These will be detailed based on the scope of services identified. 
  5. Develop the employee and medical staff plan – this will show the human resource needs and costs to develop and manage the hospital. 
  6. Consultancy services – AHMC can assist in identifying reputable firms with expertise necessary to design, construct and equip a world class hospital built to meet International Accreditation Standards 
  7. Evaluate the services that could be provided by external suppliers (maintenance, security, etc.), and make recommendations in terms of services to outsource and expected costs.
  8. Market Positioning – AHMC will develop the hospital’s future strategic objectives to include marketing/public relations strategy and objectives, as well as assessment of potential future private, commercial and governmental payors for hospital services.
  9. Assess and project operational costs such as malpractice, equipment insurances, electricity, salaries, consumables, etc. 


18-24 Months


  • Work with architects and construction managers on design and development
  • Operating procedures development
  • Equipment planning
  • Selection of the Health Information Technology (HIT)
  • Develop and implement methods of procurement
  • Development of bylaws for the board and medical staff
  • Establish governance structure.


  1. Pre-Planning of construction process – Prior to beginning construction AHMC will work with the architect and construction manager to assure that the project proceeds efficiently and reaches pre-arranged construction timetables.
  2. Develop the detail room program – AHMC will work with the architects to assure each room is appropriately equipped with medical gases, electrical needs and other room necessities for both clinical and diagnostic areas.
  3. Equipment Planning- AHMC will develop the list of clinical equipment, supplies and furniture necessary to open the hospital, approved by the Board of Directors.
  4. Selection and implementation of the Health Information Technology (HIT).
  5. AHMC will revise and evaluate the leasing or purchase of the software and hardware compatible for the Project.
  6. Develop methods of procuring supplies, medications, and operating necessities – A system for procurement will be set up in order to have checks and balances in the system to diminish or eliminate waste and fraud.
  7. Develop the Bylaws for the Board and Medical Staff – The entire “governance” for the hospital will conform to Accreditation standards as well as develop a system that can be audited insuring transparency in all transactions.
  8. General Hospital Organization (“Hierarchy of Control”) – this will be approved by the board.
  9. Design Phase and Expenses AHMC is not an architectural firm; however, we work with firms which have an international reputation of high quality and have designed hospitals worldwide. In any project we can, at the discretion of the owners, bring world-class architects and hospital designers in as part of our team. The architect’s fees and related costs would be billed separately from AHMC’s management and consulting fee.  


6-9 Months


  • Staffing of the core operating team
  • Physician and general staff recruitment
  • Implement operating policies and procedures
  • Implement process design and protocol
  • Equipment planning, procurement, installation and training
  • Implementation the Health Information Technology (HIT)
  • Develop and implement methods of procurement
  • Establish financial controls and measures
  • Hospital commissioning.


  1. Staffing of the “Core Operating Team” – This will occur over the subsequent months of the estimated construction period with key individuals added at the appropriate time.
  2. Recruitment and training physicians, nurses, department managers and support staff – this will occur over the construction period and staff will be added judiciously and at lowest cost.
  3. Implementation of Employee Policies and Procedures, handbooks, salary/benefit structures and job descriptions.
  4. Implementation of Operating Policies and Procedures.
  5. Implementation of financial controls, processes and pricing strategy
  6. Development of the charge description master, fees and billing procedures.
  7. Working directly with the Investors/Developers/Board and construction manager to assure that all legal permits are obtained to open the hospital.
  8. Development of Medical Team/Credentialing Committee and the credentialing of physicians.
  9. Assist the Medical Director in establishing a Quality Monitoring program.
  10. Work with the appropriate suppliers to ensure the right equipment is procured at the right price, delivered on time and installed properly.
  11. Medical Equipment Planning, Procurement, Installation and Training – AHMC will work with the equipment suppliers to assure operators receive appropriate training and instruction on the equipment’s operation and capabilities.
  12. Marketing and branding Plan implementation – the Marketing Plan developed will be implemented and updated as necessary according to conditions in the market. o Contract development with insurance companies – AHMC will have contracts in place to assure timely payments and appropriate cash flow.
  13. Hospital Commissioning – Prior to opening, the AHMC team will conduct “practice runs” in order to insure all equipment is functioning appropriately and that all staff understand how to move patients through the system efficiently and effectively. 


10 Years



  • Turnkey executive management
  • Management and control of daily business operations
  • Recruitment, training and retention of physicians, nurses and hospital staff
  • Implement international mode of clinical procedures and medical care
  • Implement quality improvement and patient safety framework
  • Implement AHMC’s best practice financial and operations management service


  1. Turnkey Executive Management of Hospital.
  2. International Standards of Clinical Practice and Medical Care – AHMC works with top medical centers in the United States and world-wide to develop models of care that are “state of the art” and focused on quality outcomes and patient safety.
  3. Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Framework – AHMC brings the ability to implement, monitor, and evaluate procedures and systems by adopting methodologies that enhance the continuous quality improvement program and reinforce efforts to meet and/or exceed international patient safety goals.
  4. AHMC Best Practice Financial and Operation Management Services - AHMC brings to its clients the ability to understand and manage costs, control expenditures, and develop financial plans that will support successful implementation of the business strategy.
  5. Management and control of day-to-day business operations – The hospital will benefit from highly developed systems that ensure transparency, as well as maintain controls and audit trails to offer investors the security that investments are being appropriately managed.
  6. Recruitment, training and supervision of hospital’s employees – Finding and retaining employees are hallmarks of AHMC’s success. The costs associated with recruitment are extremely high and our focus is on maintaining a highly motivated and trained workforce. Also reinforces efforts to achieve accreditation and sustain international standards and quality. 
  7. Marketing and Brand Promotion – On an on-going basis, the hospital can be assured that its successes and accomplishments will be promoted both locally and internationally.
  8. Benchmarks – AHMC utilizes world-wide benchmark data in order to measure the hospital against the best healthcare facilities in the world. These benchmarks are shared with the Board, staff, and investors.
  9. Monthly reporting – AHMC reports in a formal manner on a monthly basis to the Board and investors. Reports include comparison against budget, variance analysis and benchmarks.


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