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George Assouad was a very successful contractor in Egypt in the late 1800s. Designed and executed most of the famous arteries, boulevards, and public buildings of Damascus. Son Philippe Assouad created Tecmo (Technique du Moyen-Orient), a consulting bureau, in 1961. Elias (Philippe’s son) turned the company into an industrial giant in the 1970s. Assouad is the best Refrigeration, Freezing and Electro-mechanical solution provider in the Middle-East especially for Food-stuff industries.

Assouad Group owns Dunkin Donuts the leading coffee shop franchise (in Lebanon)  with 35 outlets. The Group is organized around 5 major companies:

Industrial: Tecmo, Consulting: Cedra Engineering, Distribution & sales: Mecanix Shops, Food: Meeting Point, Real-estate: L’Immobiliere Assouad. Assouad Group relinquishes its controlling interest in Mecanix sal, a steel structure producer, no longer a member of the group.


Electro Mechanical

Electro Mechanical

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