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Medintrade is a Yemen and East Africa specialized Business Developer in a range of fields: Connection to China and Tier 1 Chinese Companies via BRI, (mega) Low Cost Housing, Green Power/Energy generation (SOFC Fuel Cell) -thermal and renewable-, Quality Assurance and ISO training and Certification, Banking and Insurance IT solutions, Telecom, water and waste management, employment Training and job creation.


Who is Medintrade?

A developer of lucrative business opportunities for Tier1 EPCs and Manufacturers promoting The WAVE (World Association for Visionary Enterprises founded by Dr. Gilles Assouline) Platform through The belt and Road Initiative (Chinese firms with finance). Business is developed with Yemeni and East African governments (Ethiopia, Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti, Eritrea, Tanzania, & Mozambique). Investment fields: Energy (Oil & Gas), power generation (SOFC Fuel cells, Biogas, Gas-fired thermal and Renewable), water and waste management, ISO training, IT, Telecom, Ethiopian vocational training for domestic and hospitality labor expatriation. Our local knowledge allows for immediate high productivity, and avoids waste of energy and time. A family-based business development company with no corporate draw-backs, Medintrade has succeeded with mega projects in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Senegal, Kenya, and medium projects in Ivory Coast, The Gambia, Sudan, Mozambique, and Tanzania.


Create. Enhance. Sustain.

Our projects care most for the well being of citizens, protection of the environment, and upgrading the socio-economic level of communities in Yemen and Africa. We favor local man-power and transfer of know-how, endorse training, and carry far our social responsibility. The poor populations are of higher value than the level of profits we generate. The satisfied population is our most relevant capital. The more CSR projects we manage, the more profitable projects we earn.

The scope and scale of this aspiration unites scientists, planners, architects, engineers, program cost and construction managers. It partners us with public sector clients at every level and private sector clients in most life-essentials industries. Water/Air/Telecom/Environment/Rehabilitation & Power in one word Water & Power.

create, enhance, and sustain.



Find, design to fit, and procure mega projects for Chinese and International firms and execute contracts for Yemen and African countries.



Succeed in saving time and cost and build on quality standards to earn long-standing trust. Self-sustain against local corruption.



Gain International reputation as a most reliable mega project business developer specialized in East Africa and Yemen.

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Medintrade Inc.

Embassies Road, Mattar 707 building,
1st Floor South,
Bir Hassan, Ghobeiry.

Lebanon 2831 4407
Phone: +9611858878
Mobile: +9613399900

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Who is Medintrade ?

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Amin Assi - CEO

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