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Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia, and Somalia specialized provider of mega project contracts: Affordable Housing, Zero pollution Power/Energy Generation (SOFC Fuel Cell: cheaper than fossil-fuel and 35% more efficient), Strategy/Management Consultancy and ISO training, IT world class solutions, Telecom, water, expatriation of Ethiopian domestic and skilled workers.

Provide global reach, local knowledge, finance options vs. gold-chip bank guarantees, and technical excellence.

Solicit contracts from governments and propose execution to strong multi-nationals. Medintrade Business Development partners with the EPC contractor in a range of markets: Energy (Oil & Gas), Power Generation: SOFC Fuel Cell-, management consultancy and ISO training, banking IT world class solutions, telecom, Ethiopian vocational training for domestic & skilled labor.

Medintrade is a Business development leader in Iraq, Somalia, and Ethiopia.

Twitter at @Medintrade

Create. Enhance. Sustain.

Our development projects are driven by a purpose. To Create, Enhance, and Sustain the world’s natural and social environments. Human development preceeds all priorities. Projects that matter to poor are more worthy of development. We attend to CSR much more than companies larger in capacity than Medintrade.

Projects’ scope and scale unite: Scientists, Planners, Architects, Engineers, Cost, and Construction managers. Partnership with public sector at every level, and private sector in almost any industry. Due to our low margin, we are bound by medium to large scale, from a city block, to a national infrastructure program.


Identify mega projects, design to fit needs, and partner with Multi-national firms to deliver genuine quality added-value solutions to our markets of expertise.


Reject corruption. Environmental sustenance. Procurement Negotiations are based on par terms between government and EPC firms. Focus is on awarded projects.


International recognition as Reliable, Ethical, and Excellence driven mega-project-developers, and implementation local partners.

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Embassies Road, Bir Hassan, Mattar 707 building, Ghobeiry.
Beirut, Lebanon

Phone: +9611858878
Mobile: +9613399900

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Who is Medintrade ?

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Amin Assi - CEO

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