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Since 1981, Italian M2 Emmedue has been developing, designing and building machinery for the production of panels and welded wire mesh and for processing rebar. The name EMMEDUE is synonymous with quality and efficiency for building Low-Cost (Affordable) Houses for big savings in time and cost to build.
Emmedue is an industrial-scale manufacture of panels, mesh, and reinforcing elements.

The fundamentals of M2’s success are close cooperation with buyers of their manufacturing systemstheir process includes: Project Analysis, Plant Design, Plant Installation, Plant Start-Up, Machinery Training, Technical Department Training, M2 PanelCad SoftWare Training, Commercial Training, Support For Certification, Community EmmeSynergy Knowledge, and Site Training.

We can build 10,000 (plus) affordable housing units 40, 60, 80 starting with a pilot of 2,000 units, using M2 panels.


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Medintrade Inc.

Embassies Road, Mattar 707 building,
1st Floor South,
Bir Hassan, Ghobeiry.

Lebanon 2831 4407
Phone: +9611858878
Mobile: +9613399900

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Amin Assi - CEO

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